Aaaand breathe…

All that stress was totally worth it: I now officially have a Bachelor’s degree πŸ˜€ And I now (semi) officially have a place on a Master’s degree in September πŸ˜€ Phew!

Anyway, now I’m excited and much less stressed (ha!) I can get back to crafting and blogging! (HA!)

First ever cushion cover – can’t quite believe I’ve NEVER made one before…

I’ve recently developed a thing for organic and Fairtrade fabrics. Fairtrade products make so much sense to me, but I’d never appreciated the range of available products that are traded fairly. One thing I’d never thought of before is Fairtrade cotton. Some of the facts and figures about cotton production are depressing to say the least, so going Fairtrade seems like an obvious answer. I found this linen-like cotton produced by a small co-operative in Kerala, India, and just love the simplicity of it.

Not bad for a first-ever invisible zip…!

I recently discovered a huge tub full of zips that I’ve evidently had for about 8 years (I wish I was kidding), and want to (need to, MUST) use them up. So of course, zip pouches! The text has a long, convoluted story*, and I’m not sure if it’s a bit TOO ironic, but I thought it was witty. Anyway, any ideas what else I can do with 50 zips that are all different colours and lengths…?


*Doing research for my dissertation on Surrealism, I came across this painting by RenΓ© Magritte. ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ means ‘This is not a pipe’. It stuck in my mind and I though it would be amusing to print “this is not a pencil case/pouch” on what is evidently just that. Told you I had a weird sense of humour.

Procrastination Season

It’s that time of year again.

Exams in the next month. Dissertation deadline in six weeks. Then final exams. AND THEN THE REAL WORLD apparently. So of course I’ve found lots of things to do that don’t involve libraries and remembering 29 different tenses in two different languages and research and panicking about life, the universe and everything and so on and so forth…

Some (long overdue) t-shirt surgery, for starters

Band t-shirts are very precious to me. Not least because they tend to be stupidly overpriced. More importantly, they’re normally mementos from special gigs or merch for my favourite bands; but they VERY rarely come in sizes small enough to fit me nicely. However, I FINALLY plucked up the courage to take a pair of scissors to a couple that have been lurking in the back of my wardrobe, using a fitted t-shirt as a template, and now I can actually wear them without being swamped by fabric!

I’ve also discovered…

… Guilt free baking!

OK, so maybe not guilt free, but certainly less naughty (in my mind). As they are made with ground almonds and no processed sugar, they are lower-carb than your average choc chip cookie, and although they are less sweet, the lovely delicate nutty flavour makes up for it.

150g almond flour
3 tbsp melted butter
2 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
50g chocolate chips
A splash of water

Mix together. Form into balls and flatten to around 1cm thick. Bake at 150ΒΊC for 10-12 minutes, or until lightly golden. Makes between 15-20, depending of course on how big you make them.

Aaand the jar itself is a neat little segway into my final picture…


My mum told me about washi tape. So I bought her a lot of tape. And then I bought myself a lot of tape too. A LOT. And although there are a bajillion brilliant ideas on Pinterest for using it, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT ALL. It’s too pretty to use. I just like to look at it.

I have also been knitting, crocheting, and planning my life (ish) but that’s for next time.


Procrastination is my middle name

I really am terrible when it comes to getting work done. I can pretty much find ANYTHING else to do to avoid doing work. I have discovered baking.

Oaty vanilla biscuits, recipe courtesy of marzipan

I made a batch on Friday night and my flatmates hoofed them down, so they definitely get the thumbs up! I made another batch today and they are fast disappearing – having them right next to me when I’m sitting at my desk is clearly a bad idea!

Made from a video tutorial here

I tried to make this skirt a little while ago but I screwed it up, and I’ve only just found the patience to try again – this one came out much better! I even wore it out, which is a sure sign that I’m happy with it (normally if something I make isn’t quite right, it ends up in the back of a cupboard somewhere, never to be seen again)

Now I’m off to find something else to do instead of work…!


Sew, sew, sew…

A leopard print purse for my sister’s friend

And a FOURTH damask purse, along with a polka dot one, for two more of my sister’s friends

People really seem to love that damask fabric, I’ve made 3 for other people and I’ve got another SEVEN to make D:

And some mittens for one of my friends

And with all this sewing I’m surprised I had time to move to uni! But I did, hence the lack of posts from me. It’s a bit strange, living in London alone, but I think I might get on OK with it! I found three amazing fabric shops in Soho the other day, whilst on an epic search for interfacing (found some eventually, although it was more than TWICE the price of the exact same brand I can get at home! :() but hopefully I will blog about those in the near future πŸ™‚

And whilst I had my camera out, I took this photo…

I think it sums up my interests quite well – crafts, languages and music



Purse made from this tutorial

I’m so pleased with how this turned out! I did a practice one using cheap lining fabric and it looked… Different, to say the least. So I was terrified this was going to look rubbish too, but I pressed it after every step, and I pinned, and tacked, and sewed slowly, and it all worked out fine! πŸ˜€

I can see all my cards, I don’t have to fold notes up into quarters, the change won’t fall out when I open it…! Perfect!

Even the snap closure went without hitch! Although I need to find something to cover the back of it on the tab – I’m thinking a pretty button. I shall have a look in the haberdashery tomorrow and see if I can find anything suitable πŸ™‚



Well, time certainly flies, doesn’t it! I suppose a fair bit has happened since my last post (although it doesn’t feel like it!) – the main thing being I got into university! It feels like it’s been such a slog to get to this point, but it is so exciting to finally be at this point. 34 days until I move to London!

I’m almost 200 pages into the 529 pages of Cloud Atlas, and I will admit it is growing on me. I was a bit non-plussed when I started it, but as the story(ies) progress, it is intriguing to see how it is going to pan out.

(Almost) The rest of the tomato crops

Today I went to my grandma’s, and picked some blackberries and elderberries from her garden. I was surprised to see the extent of the blackberries – they were seemingly everywhere. I didn’t get very many (a lot of the berries were puny little things, or withered) but hopefully I can put them into a crumble or something with some homegrown apples my mum was given.

Two new fat quarters

I couldn’t resist these fat quarters when I saw them in the fabric shop yesterday! I love delicate, intricate patterns like these, and I really like the blackcurrant-red on off-white colours – a little bit of a departure for me from my usual blacks! I’m hoping I can squeeze a headband and a covered frame from a quarter, but I think it will take some squidging!

My next post will mark a bit of a blogging landmark (well, for me, anyway!)