The Hobbit – DONE…

… A while ago!

I know the photos of the books are a bit surplus to requirement, but I hate pictureless posts!

I tried to read Lord Of The Rings years ago and didn’t get past the first chapter – I just found it too hard-going. So I wasn’t looking forward to reading The Hobbit, but I’m glad I did! I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed it, and – gasp! – I’m actually quite looking forward to reading Lord Of The Rings.

But my next choice was Moby Dick.

I love the cover on this copy – it looks like a “proper” book!

Which, I am sad to say, I am finding almost impossible to read. I am really not enjoying it in the slightest. I’m about 20% of the way through it and that 80% is going to be SO difficult -_- But I am determined to read it cover to cover so I can cross it off the list properly. I think my next book will be one that isn’t on the list – I’ve got several now that I’ve not got round to reading yet.

I was going to go to John Lewis tomorrow and buy some yarn to knit a replacement pair of Dashings for the OH (the spanner left them in a restaurant, where they promptly disappeared, d’oh!) but the weather forecast sounds pretty treacherous for tomorrow, so I may end up walking to the park down the road to take some snowy pictures! Have you got snow where you are?


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – Done!

I finished Captain Corelli’s Mandolin! I will openly admit, I have never cried so much whilst reading a book before. I enjoyed reading it so much, and I think any book that causes such a reaction deserves kudos.

Photo from Wikipedia

I highly recommend this book, although I would suggest you have a box of tissues at hand! I was tempted to watch the film but I’ve heard it doesn’t do the book justice at all, which is a shame 🙁

I think Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell will be my next read 🙂


Pride And Prejudice – Done!

Such a satisfying feeling!

I finished Pride And Prejudice last night, hurrah! I must admit, I didn’t enjoy it very much. I can’t quite articulate why, but I just found myself thinking “UGH, how self-involved and pretentious!”. I didn’t sympathise with any of the characters, or even find their stories particularly interesting. Maybe I’m just a philistine, but I was glad to finish it so I can move on to another book on the list! I think I’ll go for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin as mum picked up a copy for the mighty sum of £1 last week, and I am intrigued. If you’ve read Pride And Prejudice, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it – I am interested to see other people’s opinions on it!

I hope the weather is better wherever you are – I had to go on an epic journey to get margarine earlier and ended up soaked through because it was raining so hard!


Catching up

Pride And Prejudice…

A long while ago, I came across this list of the 100 Greatest Novels, as voted by the public if I recall correctly. I’d already read 10 of them, and added Catch 22 to my list of those I’d read (I had wanted to read it for years). Catch 22 felt like a bit of a slog, and I didn’t really have the motivation or time to read any more. But the other day, I spotted my paper list and thought “Why not? I’ve got nothing else to do!”, and found a copy of Pride And Prejudice in the bookcase.

I must admit, I’m finding this difficult to read too (not least because reading makes me sleepy, so I can often not read more than a couple of chapters before I’m overcome with tiredness *facepalm* ) but I shall endeavour to finish it, and in better time than the last book I read! I’m currently on page 91 of 303, so I’m not doing too badly.



Mum and I have been busy reading lately – as I mentioned in my last post, we’re trying to work our way through the Top 100 Books as compiled by The Big Read. Mum’s reading The Great Gatsby (which was one of my A Level texts this year) and I’m reading Catch-22. Mum’s really enjoying Gatsby (as did I), but I’m finding Catch-22 a bit of a slog – I’m enjoying it (there are some quite funny bits) but the writing style is a bit confusing! It’s not based on a timeline as such, so it jumps about a bit between the characters and different events, so it’s quite hard to keep track of. However, I’m over half way through it and will defintely try and read the whole thing!

Apart from that, there’s not a lot happening on the craft front recently – I’ve run out of steam on the Cathode sweater and I haven’t really got any plans for any new projects. Saying that, I would like to make a skirt based on this dress I made last year. I’ve never worn the dress because the bodice is a little bit ill-fitting, and I don’t quite know how to fix it. Which is a shame because I was so proud to finish this dress 🙁 But the skirt part worked really well (and was really easy to do) so I thought I’d try and make the skirt on its own.

I’m fed up with my wardrobe – I wear the same clothes day in, day out, and I feel scruffy and messy. I think that over the summer I would like to try making myself some more clothes – I have great difficulty in finding clothes I like in the shops (and even if I do, they invariably don’t do the right size). Anyway, I don’t own ANY skirts, and we’ve had relatively hot weather over the last couple of weeks, which has just compounded my disdain for wearing skinny jeans in summer.