I knew it. I knitted one hat and now I can’t stop.

Aqua/Grey Superwash Beret

Olive/Grey Superwash Beret

Red/White Hearts Superwash Beret

Can you tell that I’ve had exams recently…? And that I’ve been avoiding having to read all this…?

Just a little light dissertation reading…! (~15 books there…)

All available on Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, my friend Paris has been crocheting Red Noses in support of Red Nose Day on 15th March. £2.50 from the sale of each Red Nose will go to Comic Relief – a fantastic cause!


Practical knitting

This past month has been all about quick, practical knitting.

Chunky Moss Stitch Scarf

First was this ridiculously chunky scarf. I had about two days to do this before the “Snowpocalypse” arrived (about 4 inches of snow, but in Britain, it may as well have been 40) and ready I was. I’ve had some Mystery Yarn in my stash for years – I’m guessing aran/chunky acrylic, and a LOT of it. Anyway, I wanted the chunkiest yarn I had to knit up as quickly as possible, and this fit the bill. Job done.

Protip; it’s really hard to photograph the back of your own head

Next was this Super Simple Beret knit in the same yarn. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have the energy or mental acuity to do anything with any sort of pattern. I just needed something that didn’t keep falling off my head (the ribbing on my Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret had become very sorry-looking) and that I could make up as I went along. Again, fits the bill; job done.



My first FOs of the year!

First, was another Ishbel – intended as a favour, then a Christmas gift, and finally it ended up being a late Christmas gift…

Could have saved myself a lot of aggro if I’d used lifelines from the off…

Second was a Cerus Scarf – also intended originally as a favour, before ending up a very belated Christmas gift. Whoops.

Funny how one can balls up such a simple pattern so much…!

Apparently the country is going to come to a standstill because we’re due a couple of centimetres of snow this weekend. I sell knitwear and I’ve found myself without a scarf to my name. Wut. I’m back to commuting on Monday so I’d better have a rummage in my stash and get knitting pronto.


New start

Time for a new(ish) start…

In the last FIVE MONTHS (how ridiculous) I’ve been up to a few things…

I baked…*

Orange and lemon cupcakes…

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes…

WEDDING cupcakes! My most nervewracking order to date!

I knitted…*

Just needs a matching hat now…

And some more…

I went to Spain* (and took some photos this time…!)

One of the tiny cobbled streets in Albaycín, Granada

The famous Alhambra, Granada

La clave eres tú…

Clichéd, but I couldn’t help it!

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be moving house (yaaay!), I’ve got plenty of knitting and sewing ideas to work on (and some shop shenanigans afoot…) but most importantly I’ll be returning to university for my final year. It’s a long time coming, and I can’t wait to get back to London and get back to work 😀 I think it’ll be a little bittersweet, and I’ll be devastated to say goodbye to all my friends and lecturers at the end of it, but at the moment I’m just focusing on getting back to the good times and enjoying myself (and getting down to some hard work too!).


*I realise this is very déja vu, looking at my previous post…!

Moar cupcaeks

I’ve been asked to make 100 mini cupcakes for a party next month, so I thought I had better make a practice batch… I normally make giant cupcakes, more akin to muffins, but I think the smaller versions are actually a bit better – much less sickly. These cupcakes were supposed to have pillarbox red icing, but no matter how much colouring I put in, I couldn’t get it redder than this – is it possible?! And don’t even get me started on the green icing I tried – it was supposed to be a nice festive moss green, but ended up a neon lime green (plus it tasted foul). Very disappointing.

I also baked an apple cake (recipe here), which was absolutely delicious. I don’t have the sweetest tooth, but this was lush. My sister gave us a bag of apples she had been given, that must have weighed 5 or 6lbs – I think there are lots of apple crumbles and cakes coming up…

And I’ve also been doing some knitting…

Not the best picture, but hey. I managed to knit this in a day and I’m really pleased with it (despite the whole thing nearly unravelling; there was a knot in the yarn which was actually tying two ends together… Until it came undone. Not happy.) Anyway, I hope the recipient likes it 🙂


Cupcaeks, om nom.

Well my last post was post 150. And what a distinctly underwhelming post it was. Today I have not much better, but I do have sparkly cupcakes.

Pink and sparkly, for a baby shower (let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be a boy…)

In other stuff, I’ve made some scary realisations…

My yarn stash was previously housed in this – a roughly 16-20l box (that and a couple of plastic bags). After a bit of reorganising, it’s grown.

That’s a 55 litre box, as well as the old one. And it only just fits. I was scared by this point. I also updated my Ravelry stash page. I managed to mark 4 skeins as used. I added twenty two “new” skeins (to be fair, I had already had most of them for years, they had just evaded my last stash-checking). But still. That takes my stash up to eighty skeins of yarn. And that’s just the whole skeins, not the half-skeins or odd left over bits.


Seriously. I even went to the library and picked up a couple of books in the desperate hope that I’d find some inspiration and get knitting. Instead I just got all intimidated and indecisive.