What’s Growing In The Garden

Eeesh, it’s been way too long since I blogged! Unfortunately we’ve still not got internet (or TV!) set up, and I’m getting a little bit stir-crazy – two months without internet feels like a lifetime!

The new house is brilliant – it’s been more than either of us could have hoped for, and that’s especially true of the garden. As mentioned in my last post, neither of us have lived in places with gardens for some time, so it’s been our priority. Stupidly, we were so excited to get started that we don’t have any proper before photos, but believe me when I say the garden was, to be kind, a patch of dirt with a shed.

I am not exaggerating when I say we spent hours picking stones, rocks, bits of brick and chunks of concrete out of the topsoil – it was in a pretty bad way. But with lots of TLC we got it to the point where we could get grass down and plants in, yesssss. Unfortunately there wasn’t any dollar left in the budget for turf, so we sowed grass seed and have spent the last two months literally watching grass grow (I told you not having TV or internet was taking its toll…)


First proper plant in – the apple tree.

Mini apple tree

We didn’t want a huge tree as it’s not a huge garden, so we opted for a miniature ‘family’ tree. This is the coolest thing, it will grow two different varieties of apple on the same tree. Mind. Blown.

Fresh raspberries (June 2015)

Next up was raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. The blackberries are only just starting to flower, but we’re already munching on delicious, sweet strawbs and raspberries 😀 We made sure to buy varieties that aren’t going to go mad and take over the garden; the raspberries are ‘Autumn Treasure’ and the blackberries are ‘Loch Tay’ – both varieties are thornless, which is another major plus.

Blueberries (June 2015)

I’ve wanted a blueberry bush for years, but I assumed they would be extremely difficult to grow. Myth busted; these babies are doing beautifully, and the only thing I needed to do was put them in a pot with ericaceous compost.

We’ve also got tomatoes, carrots, peppers and sweetcorn planted, although progress is a little slower with those at the moment – fingers crossed they’re doing OK!

And finally, we had a bit of space at the end of the garden, and the Roommate wanted flowers…

Petunia (June 2015)

… in his team’s colours, naturally…


This and that

Lately I’ve not been up to much of anything. I’ve been doing uni exams, the odd bit of cooking, some gardening, that sort of thing.

The lovely clematis on the patio

Blueberry and polenta cupcake from the Primrose Bakery Cookbook – excellent, by all accounts

There’s loads of things growing in the garden now, I’ve managed to not kill everything, wahey! I’ve got 30 tomato plants (!), strawberries, courgettes, radishes, a gooseberry bush, pepper and chili seedlings, and French bean and salad seeds that don’t seem to be doing anything…


Thank you, ash cloud

I’m sure the many thousands of people who got stuck due to that ash cloud wouldn’t be saying that, but for me, it inadvertently led to one of the best gigs I’ve been to.

I was due to see Evelyn Evelyn at the Koko on the 22nd, but due to the ash cloud, one of the twins and the support band were stranded in the US, so Amanda Palmer, the other twin, managed to cobble together an amazing gig – mostly organised through Twitter of all places. We were treated to Bitter Ruin, Robots In Disguise, Melissa Auf Der Maur and an Amanda Palmer solo set. The gig was fantastic (Amanda Palmer always puts on brilliant shows) and I went a bit fangirlish and got my ticket signed by Amanda afterwards!

In gardening news, my strawberries are alive! My tomato seedlings are alive! My gooseberry plant is alive! My pepper plant is alive! (OK, I only got that one yesterday so I haven’t really had time to kill it yet, but still) I’ve gone all greenfingered with the recent improvement in the weather – I’ve even been looking for courgette plants, and I don’t even like courgettes.


Down in the garden…


… Ornamental Quince…

… and a Forsythia

It seems spring has finally sprung! I was in the garden sowing some tomato seeds last week when I thought I’d get my camera out and take some photos 🙂 I find there’s something very satisfying about taking photos with a DSLR – a point-and-shoot just doesn’t quite feel the same (I tell myself that to soothe my conscience about buying a DSLR…)

I do like spring – the promise of longer evenings, barbeques, beer gardens and wearing summer dresses is tantalisingly close! What’s your favourite season?



Well, time certainly flies, doesn’t it! I suppose a fair bit has happened since my last post (although it doesn’t feel like it!) – the main thing being I got into university! It feels like it’s been such a slog to get to this point, but it is so exciting to finally be at this point. 34 days until I move to London!

I’m almost 200 pages into the 529 pages of Cloud Atlas, and I will admit it is growing on me. I was a bit non-plussed when I started it, but as the story(ies) progress, it is intriguing to see how it is going to pan out.

(Almost) The rest of the tomato crops

Today I went to my grandma’s, and picked some blackberries and elderberries from her garden. I was surprised to see the extent of the blackberries – they were seemingly everywhere. I didn’t get very many (a lot of the berries were puny little things, or withered) but hopefully I can put them into a crumble or something with some homegrown apples my mum was given.

Two new fat quarters

I couldn’t resist these fat quarters when I saw them in the fabric shop yesterday! I love delicate, intricate patterns like these, and I really like the blackcurrant-red on off-white colours – a little bit of a departure for me from my usual blacks! I’m hoping I can squeeze a headband and a covered frame from a quarter, but I think it will take some squidging!

My next post will mark a bit of a blogging landmark (well, for me, anyway!)


A good Sunday

Today has been a good day.

Mum and I went to a meet-up organised by the local Stitch ‘n’ Bitch group – we popped along and knitted, chatted, swapped, and I had a go at spinning on a wheel. Ooooh, how I want a wheel! The lovely Lucy of The Bear Necessities showed me how to spin on her wheel, and I bought some divine sock yarn from her.

Merino superwash sock yarn <3

I also used a skein winder for the first time – how cool are they?! I love how the yarn turns into a cakey little thing ^_^ (Simple things please simple minds!)

And I turned the heel on my second sock (again)…

By all accounts, a good time was had by all!

My pepper plants, which I had lost hope of ever doing anything!

Whilst I was checking my “crops” (I went to pick some beans and lollo rosso – we had them in our salad for dinner and they were delicious!), I spotted this beauty on the buddleia.

I think it’s a “Peacock Butterfly” – we saw some yesterday too!

So overall, a good day! Tomorrow, my sister and I are going for a makeover at MAC 😀


I wish…

… I could say I have been swamped with work, or busy with lots of Etsy sales, or coming up with weird and wonderful creations, to explain my blog absences, but nope. Just me being me. Sorry folks. And thank you if you still keep an eye out for my posts, I do appreciate comments and whatnot.

Anyway, now exams are over, and I am no longer a college student (!) I am a lady of leisure. So theoreticlly I have all the time in the world to craft and garden and do interesting things to blog about. Theoretically.

I’m pleased with how my “crops” are going:

The first ripe strawberries of the season!

And the first signs of tomatoes!

I also have some (relatively) new additions to my garden 😀

Dwarf beans, complete with flowers

And last but by no means least…

Some thriving Lollo Rosso lettuce and carrots – seeds sent to me by a lovely friend

The carrots are in entirely the wrong sort of pot, but it’s the best I could find – our garden is far too stony to plant them straight in the flower beds. We shall just have to see what happens!

I’ve also done a smidgin of craft too…

Before – the box my hair straighteners came in

After – a prettily covered and lined box for thingymabobs and oojamaflips

I’m in London at the moment, but I’m hoping to do something with felt when I get home…