Aaaand breathe…

All that stress was totally worth it: I now officially have a Bachelor’s degree 😀 And I now (semi) officially have a place on a Master’s degree in September 😀 Phew!

Anyway, now I’m excited and much less stressed (ha!) I can get back to crafting and blogging! (HA!)

First ever cushion cover – can’t quite believe I’ve NEVER made one before…

I’ve recently developed a thing for organic and Fairtrade fabrics. Fairtrade products make so much sense to me, but I’d never appreciated the range of available products that are traded fairly. One thing I’d never thought of before is Fairtrade cotton. Some of the facts and figures about cotton production are depressing to say the least, so going Fairtrade seems like an obvious answer. I found this linen-like cotton produced by a small co-operative in Kerala, India, and just love the simplicity of it.

Not bad for a first-ever invisible zip…!

I recently discovered a huge tub full of zips that I’ve evidently had for about 8 years (I wish I was kidding), and want to (need to, MUST) use them up. So of course, zip pouches! The text has a long, convoluted story*, and I’m not sure if it’s a bit TOO ironic, but I thought it was witty. Anyway, any ideas what else I can do with 50 zips that are all different colours and lengths…?


*Doing research for my dissertation on Surrealism, I came across this painting by René Magritte. ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ means ‘This is not a pipe’. It stuck in my mind and I though it would be amusing to print “this is not a pencil case/pouch” on what is evidently just that. Told you I had a weird sense of humour.

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