Practical knitting

This past month has been all about quick, practical knitting.

Chunky Moss Stitch Scarf

First was this ridiculously chunky scarf. I had about two days to do this before the “Snowpocalypse” arrived (about 4 inches of snow, but in Britain, it may as well have been 40) and ready I was. I’ve had some Mystery Yarn in my stash for years – I’m guessing aran/chunky acrylic, and a LOT of it. Anyway, I wanted the chunkiest yarn I had to knit up as quickly as possible, and this fit the bill. Job done.

Protip; it’s really hard to photograph the back of your own head

Next was this Super Simple Beret knit in the same yarn. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have the energy or mental acuity to do anything with any sort of pattern. I just needed something that didn’t keep falling off my head (the ribbing on my Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret had become very sorry-looking) and that I could make up as I went along. Again, fits the bill; job done.


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