Week 2

Well this week I actually did a project without bending the rules of my “Project52” challenge (not quite the same as a “365”, but I’m rolling with it).

Two Tone Socks – pattern by Debbie Bliss

I’m chuffed with these – I had two-colour socks in mind but I was a bit wary of how to do the heel in a different colour using the last pattern I tried. My only gripe is with all the ends that have to be sewn in at the end – I hate sewing in ends. Hate it. As much as I hate picking up stitches (seriously, does anyone actually ever enjoy picking up stitches?!) Anyway, this was a nice, relatively simple project, and it was quick – both done in the space of about 3 hours. The mum and dad-to-be are pleased with them, so so am I 😀

I’ve been making good progress on Memoirs Of A Geisha this week – having dodgy internet has left me actually doing productive things like reading and knitting… Who’da thunk it?! I’m really enjoying it though, more than I thought I would. This coming week is due to be very hectic so I’m taking comfort in mindless knitting and podcasts today to distract myself from the week ahead – ¡Mañana, mañana!


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