Week 1

I’m counting last week as the first week of my “Do one project a week” challenge. And I’ve already sort of bent the rules a bit. I moved to London at the weekend, so things have been a bit hectic, and technically I haven’t really completed a project during the week, BUT I am going to claim the last project I did (which I really didn’t finish that long ago, so it pretty much counts, right…?)

Imaginatively named “Fingerless Mitts”

These are actually available in my Folksy shop…. I’ve finally got round to actually putting something in there – I’m hoping that any money I make through Folksy I can put towards my travelling/year abroad fund. Fingers crossed I’ll have some more items to list in the coming weeks. These were knit in 100% merino, so they’re lovely and warm 🙂 (I’m a bit peeved that Folksy uses square images – it’s so difficult to centre the image properly when taking the photo, and then crop it… Ugh!)

I also finished Madame Bovary, which I actually rather enjoyed (although I did find Emma to be an intolerable whinge). I was made up when I realised the other day that it’s actually a set text for one of my modules this semester – score! My next book on the list is Memoirs Of A Geisha, a copy of which I found for £1.29 in a charity shop just after Christmas. All the joy of book-buying and charity-giving combined, without the expense of brand new books – genius!


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