More reasons why I’m a bad blogger

My Lego collection has been expanding 😳

I’ve started back at uni – coupled with a 4 hour commute every day (!) I’m normally too tired to do much worth blogging about! 🙁

Buuuut, I have managed to finish reading Emma (which I started reading in June 😳 ) – Good GOD that was hard work. I literally couldn’t tell you what it was about, I pretty much skimmed most of it, it was entirely not my cup of tea.

I’m hoping Of Mice And Men might be more palatable

I pretty much picked this off the shelf because it was a nice thin book. Terrible, I know, but I need a quick, gratifying read to make up for the last book…

I’ve also done a wee bit of knitting.

My Denise Interchangeables are turning out to have been an excellent purchase ^_^

I’m totally making this up as I go along, so the chances of it going tits up are probable to inevitable. But hey, it’s nice mindless knitting, and it’s better than doing none. I would be churning out mittens by the truckload but I can’t seem to knit them either on DPNs or by Magic Loop without ending up with big gaps forming between needles. I always pull the yarn when I change needles, but it STILL happens – any idea how I can stop this happening? I’ve never seen the same lines forming in other people’s work! 🙁


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One thought on “More reasons why I’m a bad blogger

  1. What I do to stop that from happening is change the location of where I change needles every once in a while. E.g. on every row knit one extra stitch onto the DPN before changing to the next one. Keep doing that on every needle and you still end up with the same distribution of stitches per needle, but the place of the “gap” keeps changing so you can’t get a line. I do the same with magic loop…

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