Sparkles are the future

I have indeed decided that sparkles and glitter are the future. I was asked to make some cupcakes for a party, and discovered a great little cake supply shop down the road which sold, amongst other things, edible glitter. Now, I know the birthday girl was celebrating turning 25, but pink icing and glitter was the only way to go with the cupcakes. I also had great fun playing with the piping toys I got from the cake supply shop 😀 I think the icing looks much better than previous attempts – Helen’s icing tutorial was invaluable!

I’ve still not decided on my next knitting project – Hey Teach is looking appealing, as is another go at Azure Allure but I’m just not sure. I think the problem is that a cardigan is a big project, and anything bigger than a scarf invokes fear of committment in me. That, coupled with my terrible indecisiveness is just a recipe for knitting-related procrastination. Can someone make the decision for me, please pretty please? ‘Cause you know, it’s really important, like.


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