Warning: gratuitous FO photos ahead.

Mummypop makes an excellent model

I’m really happy with this – I was concerned after I cast off that it would be too small, and I wished that I had had enough yarn to make the bigger version, but after a good blocking it was transformed 😀 I’m really glad I’ve finally finished a project with this yarn, as it was rather sad seeing it half-knitted for so long 🙁 I am discovering a love of lace knitting, for sure. And I’m already on the hunt for my next pattern, with this yarn in mind. I was considering a Hey, Teach! (to feed my new lace habit, amirite?) but I’d really like a long-sleeved cardi, and I’m really not sure I’ve got the skillz to mod it that much! 🙁 I shall have to give it a think.


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