My new favourite toy

… Which came in handy for a little project I did this week.

A couple of weeks ago, I moved out of my uni flat in London, and I rather underestimated just how many gubbins I’d accumulated during my 8 months there. All these gubbins had to come home with me, where they were unceremoniously dumped in my room. It took me a good week (and many threats, not to mention stubbed toes) to finally get round to sorting it all out, and I thought whilst I was sifting through it all, I would give my desk and chair a lick of paint, as they looked decidedly grubby.

Before – rather battered!

After – much better 🙂

All this took was a lick of paint and a fat quarter, but I think it’s a great improvement. I also had great fun using my new staple gun…!

I’ve also spent this week enjoying the beautiful weather with my boyfriend; chips on the seafront, cider in the garden, sitting in the park – bliss. While he was here, we went to a midnight screening of the new Twilight film – I am a bit of a Twilight fan, but it was rather amusing seeing all the grown women in the cinema wearing Team Edward and Team Jacob t-shirts, as well as hearing all the gasps and awws during the film.

Next week involves exams and a coursework deadline (even though I finished all my work over 6 weeks ago ¬.¬ ) so no doubt there will be plenty of stress and little crafting going on 🙁


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