Thank you, ash cloud

I’m sure the many thousands of people who got stuck due to that ash cloud wouldn’t be saying that, but for me, it inadvertently led to one of the best gigs I’ve been to.

I was due to see Evelyn Evelyn at the Koko on the 22nd, but due to the ash cloud, one of the twins and the support band were stranded in the US, so Amanda Palmer, the other twin, managed to cobble together an amazing gig – mostly organised through Twitter of all places. We were treated to Bitter Ruin, Robots In Disguise, Melissa Auf Der Maur and an Amanda Palmer solo set. The gig was fantastic (Amanda Palmer always puts on brilliant shows) and I went a bit fangirlish and got my ticket signed by Amanda afterwards!

In gardening news, my strawberries are alive! My tomato seedlings are alive! My gooseberry plant is alive! My pepper plant is alive! (OK, I only got that one yesterday so I haven’t really had time to kill it yet, but still) I’ve gone all greenfingered with the recent improvement in the weather – I’ve even been looking for courgette plants, and I don’t even like courgettes.


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