Cupcakes, om nom nom!

Om nom nom!

These are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing from Cupcakes From The Primrose Bakery. I’m chuffed with how these came out – moist and fluffy, just as cupcakes should be! These are so much easier to make now I have a hand mixer – the first batch I tried I did entirely by hand and it took me SO LONG to cream the butter! Now it takes a couple of minutes tops πŸ˜€

I haven’t much else to blog about – as always I’ve got a couple of ideas for projects but I’ve yet to motivate myself to try them out. I’m still ploughing through Moby Dick – I’m on the home straight now, only a hundred-odd pages left! I did take a break from it to read Bit Of A Blur by Alex James though. I’ve been listening to Blur a lot since I saw them live last summer, but over the last couple of months I’ve listened to the whole back catalogue on Spotify and I am hooked! His book is a wonderful insight into the band, and I genuinely laughed out loud a fair few times (which, bearing in mind I read most of it on trains, was rather amusing in itself). I also watched No Distance Left To Run (twice!) and I laughed and cried in equal measure. It gets a whacking great thumbs up from me.


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4 thoughts on “Cupcakes, om nom nom!

  1. You should try the hummingbird bakery recipe too! That’s my fave one. I love how quick mixing takes now with my stand mixer, I used to get such bad arm ache trying to do it by hand haha

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