You know it’s been too long since your last post when…

… You have to sign back in to WordPress, even though you left it to “remember me”.

My excuse is that the rubbish winter light means I can’t take anything other than appalling photos of things I want to blog about, and I don’t like posting without pictures. Anyway, hopefully that won’t be an issue in the near future (squee!) but in the meantime I shall just do a quite run down, catch-up sort of post, until I get my act together.


  • I bought a new sewing machine <3 A Janome 525S – it's definitely an improvement on my last machine! Far less plastic-y, and with some nifty features (automatic 1-step button hole, amirite?)
  • Today I found Cass Art in Islington – I think it’s my new favourite shop. It took a lot of willpower not to spend a ridiculous amount in there.
  • Ummm… Errrr… I really am living a fascinating, hectic life in London, honestly I am…

So yeah, you’ve not missed much. My brain is currently filled with about three craft ideas, which is far more than I normally have. I just keep putting off executing those ideas until I’ve “got that material” or “worked out how to do it” etc. I’m so bad at procrastinating and putting things off in case they don’t go right, d’oh! I’ve had one mitten, all but finished, sitting on my desk waiting for a partner for weeks, but I finally got round to sewing that one up and casting on for the next last night. So I’m getting there VERY slowly.


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