Sew, sew, sew…

A leopard print purse for my sister’s friend

And a FOURTH damask purse, along with a polka dot one, for two more of my sister’s friends

People really seem to love that damask fabric, I’ve made 3 for other people and I’ve got another SEVEN to make D:

And some mittens for one of my friends

And with all this sewing I’m surprised I had time to move to uni! But I did, hence the lack of posts from me. It’s a bit strange, living in London alone, but I think I might get on OK with it! I found three amazing fabric shops in Soho the other day, whilst on an epic search for interfacing (found some eventually, although it was more than TWICE the price of the exact same brand I can get at home! :() but hopefully I will blog about those in the near future 🙂

And whilst I had my camera out, I took this photo…

I think it sums up my interests quite well – crafts, languages and music


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