100th post!

Yep, I’ve been blogging for over three years and have only just reached 100 posts! I’ve been putting off blogging for the last week as I felt I needed something good to post, but I’ve just acquired lots of littleish things to mention really!

Going back to the 5th… I decided the night before to go and see Muse in Teignmouth, Devon (a 600 mile round trip!). And it was worth it. Much craic (as my Irish Muse friends say) was had, and the whole weekend was brilliant.

Queue a week of recovering! I finished Cloud Atlas during the week. I wasn’t looking forward to reading the book, but I was definitely drawn into it, out of curiosity more than anything. The end was a bit… Well, I didn’t feel like the ends were all tied up neatly, and I find that a little frustrating sometimes!

Then the weekend just gone… I met up with Cherry Makes… (who has summed up the weekend far better than I could in her latest post!) and Aino (as yet blogless :() at iKnit on Saturday. OMG! It was brilliant!

250g of Wensleydale tops from the Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop, 2 skeins of Pure Cotton from Woolfish and stroopwafels from The Dutch Knitters!

The basketweave square was started when we stopped off at the Macmillan stand – we were each given wooden needles, a huge choice of Rowan yarns, and sweeties by the lovely ladies at the stand. I’m hoping with a bit of blocking my square will be big enough! It’s a tiny bit narrow at the moment.

Then after iKnit, we met up with more Muse friends, and went for tapas (SO good!) and then on to see Amanda Palmer at the Union Chapel, London – another fantastic gig. It was eerie, going to a gig in a fully functioning church, with the audience all sitting in pews. I’ve never been to an all-seated gig before but the atmosphere was brilliant.

And after all that excitement…

…I have a stinking cold.


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