Mum likes to make mosaics from pictures she finds on Flickr, and so I decided to have a bash at it, using some of my Favourites on Etsy.

An “eclectic” selection…!

1. 50’s style flocked dress (sold out) by petapledger
2. "Bleu Peacoque" hair clip by SweetGrassMill
3. Wrap shrug by malam
4. Butterfly knee high socks by post
5. Black bird messenger bag by rainbowswirlz
5. Dr. Martens shoes by RockZombieOldies

Rather an odd mix, by most standards, but I suppose that sums up my personal taste really – not in the slightest bit cohesive! I’ve been wearing dresses with knee-high Dr Marten boots lately, for example, which is a bit of an odd combination I suppose. I think I would wear a less dressy dress (you know what I mean) in that outfit though – I think it looks too lovely on its own to cover up with hoodies and wear day-to-day.

Anyway, that was a diversion for half an hour!


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