Catching up

Pride And Prejudice…

A long while ago, I came across this list of the 100 Greatest Novels, as voted by the public if I recall correctly. I’d already read 10 of them, and added Catch 22 to my list of those I’d read (I had wanted to read it for years). Catch 22 felt like a bit of a slog, and I didn’t really have the motivation or time to read any more. But the other day, I spotted my paper list and thought “Why not? I’ve got nothing else to do!”, and found a copy of Pride And Prejudice in the bookcase.

I must admit, I’m finding this difficult to read too (not least because reading makes me sleepy, so I can often not read more than a couple of chapters before I’m overcome with tiredness *facepalm* ) but I shall endeavour to finish it, and in better time than the last book I read! I’m currently on page 91 of 303, so I’m not doing too badly.


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One thought on “Catching up

  1. Good luck!
    Frankly, Catch-22 is one of my favorite books, and I did not enjoy Pride and Prejudice.
    But everyone has different tastes. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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