So I’ve actually been doing things lately, shock horror! (I know, I surprised myself).

I finished my mum’s Christmas present, for example.

The colour looks abit washed out in this photo…

… This shows it a little better

I started this about 5 days before Christmas last year, so it was a big ask for me to actually finish it in time, but there’s no excuse for me to have only just finished it! The pattern (which unfortunately I cannot remember the name or where I found it) wasn’t difficult, and I quite enjoyed knitting it. I just lost the motivation to finish it after Christmas, as I had no time goal in which to finish it.

I’ve also been knitting SOCKS D: I’ve tried socks before, and made a royal mess of them, but this one actually WORKED! The heel isn’t all twisted, and the toe is so even and neat! If I could change anything, I would make the foot a few rows longer, and possibly knit on ever so slightly bigger needles – it feels very snug. But live and learn! I’m on the leg of the second, and looking forward to perfecting it – I have several other skeins of sock yarn (more than I thought!) so I can make an even better pair once I’ve finished this pair 😀

The garden is doing beautifully – my beans actually have beans on them! My tomatoes have tomatoes on them! My peppers (which I never expected to make it) are beginning to flower! And the Lollo Rosso is going berserk 😀


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