Where does the time go?! I hadn’t realised I had so many (well, not THAT many, but y’know!) things to post about!

Playing with my new circle cookie cutters!

Fabric-covered frames

I made one of these frames ages ago (last year, if not the year before) and never got round to covering it as my staple gun wasn’t hardcore enough 🙁 But I dug it out the other day and used some nails to attach the fabric, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. I think they need a little something else – some beads or buttons – but I’m not sure, and I don’t want to spoil them! I went down to Homebase and got some more wood the other day, and then did so again yesterday… I am like a girl possessed at the moment haha! I got some nails from a local shop the other day, but they are just a couple of millimetres too long to hammer in completely, so I popped to Homebase AGAIN today, and got some smaller nails to use on the next frames. I think something like this may be making an appearance on Etsy sometime soon…

Whilst I was at Homebase today…

… I got a gooseberry bush… WTF?!

I’ve gone bonkers buying plants lately. I nearly bought some cherry tomato plants whilst I was there today, but just about got away without!

My new mini greenhouse and tenants – peppers on the top, and newly potted up tomatoes in the middle ^_^


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One thought on “Photers!

  1. I’m thinking about getting an etsy shop, would you recommend it?
    Those photo frames are cute, I don’t think they need any thing else, might make them too busy . x

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