Who needs love…

… When there’s Southern Comfort?

I am having a manic Amanda Palmer sesh at the moment – I’m currently listening to her doing a live set on BBC Radio 6 (Hopefully it will be available to listen again online!) which is getting me VERY excited for seeing her on Wednesday at the Electric Ballroom in Camden 😀 You can listen to some of her stuff here! She also does an amazing cover of Creep by Radiohead on the ukelele.

Anyway, fangirl moment over…!

Another bracelet…

…And another 🙂

Been on a bit of a roll with these! I’ve got a huge stack of clay to be getting on with now, and some cookie cutters on the way in the post. Hopefully some new jewellery ideas on the way soon 🙂

I’ve been thinking, it feels weird – I got into craft by way of knitting and sewing, it seems odd to be doing lots of stuff with clay and nothing with yarn or fabric. I guess I have a short attention span when it comes to crafts haha.

Hopefully I can get some more bracelets done tomorrow whilst in a sedative-induced fog – I’m having a wisdom tooth extracted. Eeep. Bit nervous, I don’t like needles. But apparently it’s just like feeling drunk, haha.


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One thought on “Who needs love…

  1. Haha! Lovin’ the bit about “I’ve been thinking, it feels weird” ~ oh I know that so well!!

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