Polymer clay bead bracelet

You may remember seeing these beads before – that bracelet was ill-fated, as the wire snapped the first time I wore it πŸ™ I’m definitely glad I wore it before I put it on Etsy! However, I have been wearing the new improved version since I made it a few days ago and it has held up perfectly πŸ™‚

I really enjoyed making this from start to finish – the beads are nice and simple to make (and I kind of like how they all have bits of my fingerprints in them, it’s like having a bit of me in what I make πŸ™‚ However, I watch far too much CSI and am now paranoid I’ll be framed for some horrible crime or something.) The varnishing stage is a bit faffy, but I love stringing the beads onto the elastic – I always wondered why children are often given wooden beads and thread to play with, but I can totally understand it! It’s so calming and mindless. I often have to take beads off as I’ve put far too many on the thread, haha.

Anyway, hopefully I can get my act together this weekend and get some more bracelets made, to list on Etsy. I downloaded a nifty little spreadsheet from Etsy and had a play with it last night. There’s something I find fun about playing with spreadsheets and seeing the formulae doing their thing (bearing in mind I hate maths. But now I want to fill it up for real πŸ˜€


PS – congratulations America! We had a little party on Tuesday to celebrate Obama’s inauguration. Here’s to the next four years!

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