Last Friday mum and I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. SO GOOD. Anyway, straight on to the loot.

Lots of charms. I have a thing about charms at the moment

Have a close up of said charms

Yaaaaarn <3

A better(ish) photo of the Cascade Peruvian Wool skeins 🙂

Got plans for all this! Which makes a change for me!


Cheats Gloves from this pattern by Katie. These are for my friend Blee 🙂

Quickie Cowl from this pattern by Fawn Pea. This is for my friend Elly 🙂

I really should update more often… But I’ve suddenly had a burst of activity. Getting knitting done, getting college work done, starting work at Lush (I <3 it, although I always get nervous having to talk to people!) and so on. I just hope it continues as I really need to be more productive!


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2 thoughts on “Loot

  1. Ahhh, so glad to see these easy mitts! Was looking for a simple basic pair not knitted in the round.

    You got some really good yarns there and fun charms!

    You work at LUSH! Great job!Dream Cream is something I use everyday. On my face and all over. We use alot of other things too. My hubby loves the Kara shampoo bar.

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