Mum and I have been busy reading lately – as I mentioned in my last post, we’re trying to work our way through the Top 100 Books as compiled by The Big Read. Mum’s reading The Great Gatsby (which was one of my A Level texts this year) and I’m reading Catch-22. Mum’s really enjoying Gatsby (as did I), but I’m finding Catch-22 a bit of a slog – I’m enjoying it (there are some quite funny bits) but the writing style is a bit confusing! It’s not based on a timeline as such, so it jumps about a bit between the characters and different events, so it’s quite hard to keep track of. However, I’m over half way through it and will defintely try and read the whole thing!

Apart from that, there’s not a lot happening on the craft front recently – I’ve run out of steam on the Cathode sweater and I haven’t really got any plans for any new projects. Saying that, I would like to make a skirt based on this dress I made last year. I’ve never worn the dress because the bodice is a little bit ill-fitting, and I don’t quite know how to fix it. Which is a shame because I was so proud to finish this dress 🙁 But the skirt part worked really well (and was really easy to do) so I thought I’d try and make the skirt on its own.

I’m fed up with my wardrobe – I wear the same clothes day in, day out, and I feel scruffy and messy. I think that over the summer I would like to try making myself some more clothes – I have great difficulty in finding clothes I like in the shops (and even if I do, they invariably don’t do the right size). Anyway, I don’t own ANY skirts, and we’ve had relatively hot weather over the last couple of weeks, which has just compounded my disdain for wearing skinny jeans in summer.


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