Sewing <3

Polka dot skirt based on this dress

I’m really pleased with this – it only took an evening to make and was pretty straightforward. I added the waist belt because the waistband is slightly too big. I’ve since realised this is because I sewed the waistband on upside down. Oops. Anyway, I hope I find the confidence to wear this before the summer is out…! I saw some more fabric I like the look of in the fabric shop, so I may well go and get that and make the other skirt pattern I have (slightly shorter and fuller).

I checked my “crops” (ha!) this morning and discovered that a couple of the strawberries appear to have been eaten :/ And there’s worrying signs of snails around the tomato pots. We have a disguting amount of snails in our garden – there was a huge one ON our front door the other evening. Scared the crap out of me when I went to open the door!

I’ve not read any more Catch-22 since my last post – I’ve been a bit distracted by Civilisation Revolution* for the DS recently 😛


* After asking mum, she reckons it’s civilization, otherwise zeds will die out. I reckon it’s civilisation because we’re English and we invented the language, so Americans can’t just change letters willy nilly (No offence to my American readers). Anyway, it’s up to you, let me know how you’d spell it.

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One thought on “Sewing <3

  1. Your skirt looks nice. I don’t see where courage would be necessary to wear it. It looks lovely on you.

    Did you know you can dissolve the snails by putting salt on them? In the garden you can set out small containers with beer in them…it attracts snails/slugs. They fall in and drown. We used to use empty pop top cans…with the can laying on the side with the pop top opening at the top make an opening in the middle of the side of the can. Fill the can with beer and lay it near the plants the snails disturb. It works. Diamacious earth is a good snail deterrent, too.

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