Something productive

I’ve finally done something!

VERY modified Cathode sweater WIP from Knitty

After casting this on twice and screwing it up, I gave it another go and finally did it. I pretty much gave up on the pattern during the raglan increases – I followed the pattern and it came out tiny, so I tried to do a larger size, and the numbers didn’t add up, so I just tried again, increasing until it fit. When I initially saw this on Knitty, I was less than impressed – I didn’t like the yarn, and the collar completely put me off. But I saw this modified version on Ravelry, and I immediately liked it, plus I had some Cashmerino Chunky that didn’t have a project. I’ve also modified it a bit myself – long sleeves and an applied i-cord cast off.

It’s a little bit snug, and I could have done a few rows longer, but I just wanted the body finished. I was ever so naughty, I literally knitted from 11am ’til 11pm! It’s ridiculous the lengths I will go to to avoid doing revision. Anyway, I’m going to make this with long sleeves, but I haven’t got enough yarn, so I’m going to have to try and order some more. Although I obviously didn’t check the dyelot of the yarn I’ve got, and they are diferent, so there is a band at the waist that is slightly darker than the rest. Oh well, it’s not TOO noticeable.

Two exams down, two to go. I think they went reasonably well. The two I have left I’m very nervous about. Hence why I’m putting off revision, obviously.


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