One Christmas present made…

Zillions more to go *sigh*

Mittens for my gal Gaenor

These were a nice, quick knit, (look on my Ravelry for details and a link to the pattern) and judging by her face when I showed her one half knitted, they’ll go down a treat. Sorry for the dodgy picture, haven’t got time to wait for decent daylight, plus I had to get them straight in the post.

Currently, there’s bits of Knucks lying around the lounge because I got fed up with undoing the intarsia I was trying to do (and failed at). I’m trying to do a Space Invader pattern on the back of the hand, but the strandsarecoming out too tight and pulling the fabric in, but if I leave it looser, there’s big gaps where the colours change. Grrr. So I’m abandoning that for the moment so I can knit a Christmas stocking for my baby (honorary) niece.

I still have SO much to do – I hate this feeling! I’m not getting anywhere either! Plus now I’m puting off filling in this job application for Subway, becausea s much as I want a job (so I can buy and run a car), I don’t think I’m good enough and calm enough to deal with it. Ergh.

Anyway, better get something DONE.


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