Finished and frogged

Finished mittens 😀

I’ve worn these every day this week, I love them! I may try and knit some more with a flap, you know those mittens that you can either wear as mittens or as fingerless gloves? They might be more practical!

I also finished my first sock this week. I nearly cried. I can’t get it on over my stupid toes. To be honest, the pattern is very plain – I’m going to frog it and find another more interesting pattern (hopefully one that fits!) Anyway, I’m going to leave socks for a bit I think, and focus on Etsy and Christmas knitting. Can you believe Christmas is only a month away?! Or is it just me who is surprised?


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3 thoughts on “Finished and frogged

  1. i just knitted mittens that look exactly like yours (well, different colour 😉 )!

    what do you craft for christmas?

  2. bummer about the socks…i had the same thing happen to me once, and they still haven’t been frogged. i’m waiting for a day when i’m really really angry and need to rip something apart 🙂

    nice job on the mittens, they’re lovely!

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