Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Plum 😀

This and 10 balls of this, along with copies of Yarn Forward was my loot from the Knitting and Stitching Show this year – not as good a loot as last year but at least I’ll actually put it to use! I really need some socks that don’t have holes in them (although I’m worried that if I wear handknit socks with shoes, they’ll wear out quickly). Anyway, I’m planning on knitting the Jaeger DK into a raglan jumper of some sort. I really need some warm winter clothes – I’m constantly complaining about how cold I am (probably because I’m little and don’t move around much :p) plus being warm never seems to be in fashion. Srsly, it’s not until about December that shops actually have reasonably thick jumpers in stock. I cannot fathom how girls are still happily wandering around town in hotpants and tshirts. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! I resent seeing people wearing so few clothes when I’m freezing my bits off under two hoodies and a coat.

I’m in a fairly grumpy mood, if you hadn’t noticed.


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