Azure Allure! Finally, a picture!

I started this at the end of August, so I’m pleased with how well it’s going 😀

This is my progress so far on a mitten, using this pattern

It seems to have come up very small though, bearing in mind I used this yarn because it feels nice as opposed to it being the right gauge… Bigger needles it is, I think.

My first sock! 😀

I’m excited about this, I’m hoping it all turns out OK! The cast-on was quite fiddly and it’s slightly holey, but my toes can have a bit of breathing space and I can avoid it on the second sock.

Anyway, new hair, (hopefully) new college course, 3 months ’til Christmas (!) aaaaaand… Umm… I think that’s it :p


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3 thoughts on “WIP-age!

  1. Goodness! 3 WIP’s! Looking forward to seeing these finished, they all look so lovely
    P.S. did you mention the “C” word? x

  2. Azure Allure looking fab. And your first sock looks ACE for a first attempt 😀 Toe up isn’t the easiest way to start, but it is the most fun… You’ll be addicted in no time!

  3. i can’t wait to seem them finished! my own inclination to knit anything has dissipated since starting school…

    i hope you’re well dearie.

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