Ahoy there!

Quick update:

Mum’s been in Greece this week with my camera, so I’ve got no pictures πŸ™ College isn’t so bad, Japanese and Theory of Music are fun. Azure Allure is steaming along – I’ve finished the back and both fronts and I’m halfway down the first sleeve. I’m knitting the sleeve backwards as it were, so I can lengthen it from the pattern. The body looks like it might come up a little short, but I reckon a bit of blocking should sort that out. But will I need to “re-block” it each time I wash it?

I’ve got new hair tonight, which has made me feel a bit better after saying goodbye to Mr Y today. He’s started uni but it seems he’s having fun on a pub crawl tonight – last I heard he was in a gay bar πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I feel wary about posting things after reading Meshell’s blog (or lack thereof) – I’m not quite sure what to say but that I hope you’re OK Meshell, and that you’ll be back soon!


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