Póg mo thóin!*

The Irish Sea, from 31,000ft

The view from my bedroom window!

Ireland was beautiful. The 20 hour drive there was a bit much (especially as I was travel sick the whole way there) but it was worth it. We stayed near a lovely little town called Kenmare in County Kerry for four nights and flew home a couple of days ago. I’ve only just gotten round to uploading pictures and blogging (I’m in two minds about whether to blog the whole 6 days on Livejournal or not).

After casting on, frogging and repeating half a dozen times, I finally got to grips with the pattern for Azure Allure from Simply Knitting issue 31. However, on my arrival at Cork airport to fly home, I discovered knitting needles aren’t allowed on-board in hand luggage, and I had no bags to check in. Alas, Azure Allure (which is actually more a mossy colour) will be driving the 580 miles home at the weekend. I also left some bamboo DPNs behind as I really didn’t want them to be disposed of at the security checks (I would have cried had that happened, srsly).

In Kenmare I literally sprinted to a yarn shop that I spotted in a tiny side street:


I was in there for ages (Mr Y was surprisingly patient: he went and bought a paper and made himself comfortable on the sofa whilst I chatted to the lovely lady working in the shop). She said that most of the yarn shops in Kerry are closing down, so they opened – apparently they do quite well, with people travelling from Cork to shop there. There were some goregous yarns stocked; Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Colinette Jitterbug, (the elusive) Noro etc. I was really impressed, and the shop wasn’t cluttered like a lot of yarn shops seem to be.

Anyway, I shall stop there for tonight, and I’ll get some pictures in the morning of goodies I want to show you 😀


* Irish Gaelic for “Kiss my ass”, which is the only Irish I learned whilst there 😉

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