Hai guyz!

I r bad blogger. Over the last week I’ve bought EIGHTEEN balls of yarn, without having a clue what to do with them. Anyone remember this? Well my mum has been telling me to finish it since I started it and I finally knitted another sleeve last night after discovering I was using a 4.5mm needle as a stitch holder on it. I needed the 4.5 needle to cast on for a cardigan (aiming to use the yarn I bought 13 balls of) that’s on the front of last month’s Simply Knitting magazine. So yes. And I want to knit some mittens.

That was really badly written, and I’m too sleepy right now to upload pictures of nothing much, so I’ll just say that I won’t be around (surprise surprise) for the next 6 days, because I’m off to Ireland. No idea where we’re going so I can’t find out if there are any craft shops around until we get there, booo. But hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures and maybe find a craft shop somewhere. Not to mention Magner’s, ahem.

I shall take my cardigan (well, the needles and yarn) and hopefully my sock yarn (bought it on Etsy! Along with three necklaces) will arrive tomorrow morning before I leave, so I can take that too.

This is an awful post but I’d feel even worse than I already do for not blogging due to laziness.


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