Baby strawberries!

Tiny strawberries on my strawberry plants 🙂

I bought these last month (at my friend’s Swedish Midsommar party, funnily enough) but I only got round to planting them yesterday. There were a few strawberries that had gone bad so I took those off and put the plants in a pot on the patio (fingers crossed the slugs don’t get to them) so I hope some more strawberries will come up (must remember to water them, must remember to water them…)

The last few days have been spent painting my wardrobe (nearly finished!) and getting lost in Ikea. We spent FIVE HOURS in there on Wednesday o_o Among other things, I got a really nice CD tower and some desk legs (no desk though haha). I think the desk top should be ready in the next couple of days so the legs can be attached and I’ll have a craft desk again! Ergo in theory I’ll have no excuse for not making stuff…!

Oh, and WHERE has this sunshine come from? Two whole days without rain?! We’ll have some more of that please!


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