Mum suggested I try and post every day this week, but I seem to have overlooked yesterday. Oh well.

Organic pasta with feta, basil and peas.

This was dinner last night, which I cooked – that’s a first! Pasta is probably the only thing that we buy organic, but my is it tasty.

Lemon and ginger cookies.

These are probably more biscuit than cookie, but hey ho. These should be accompanying me to the Muse meetup Saturday lunchtime, before we all head over to Wembley for the gig. Yokaiface has a whole day of big exams tomorrow so I’m going to make some lunch and meet him during his lunch break. I also made some special biscuit/cookie things for him, pictures of which shall go on the Flickr tomorrow.

I’ve also knitted and blocked some… well, knitting, that’s hoping to become a DS Lite cosy, it’s just rather nervous about being mattress-stitched because Smurfy has never ben any good at sewing seams.


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