First attempt at making sushi

I got the sushi nori from a local Chinese import shop (which also stocks Japanese things.) I like looking around – it’s always a challenge trying to figure out what’s on the food shelves, although I did spot a translated label on a bag in the freezer which said “Frozen Chicken Feet”. Niiiiiice! Anyway, I need to practice my sushi-making because my friend Richard has never had sushi before, so I said I’d make him some.

I bought a bento box and sushi mat from which will hopefully arrive in the next couple of days. I remember seeing a tiny bento box on a blog ages ago and it’s stuck with me, the idea of having a whole meal carefully packed into a small portable box! I’m currently deeply curious about Oriental culture – I’m tempted to get First Thousand Words In Japanese, although trying to learn French, Spanish and occasionally Dutch may be enough to be getting on with…!

Sponge cake cupcake… things

Mmmmmmmm. I also baked some muffins (both those and the cupcakes came from a packet of mix – one day I’ll make them from scratch, just not today) but they were eaten before I remembered to take a picture, eep. They were rather tasty, even if I do say so myself.

This is my online sponsorship page for the Race For Life that I’m going to be running (Walking? Crawling?) in next month with my sister. Perhaps doing some occasional jogging would be a good idea, to prepare…

And finally… Mum just laughed so hard she cried. I love seeing people do that.


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3 thoughts on “Food

  1. In case you’re ever in the area & hungry, there’s a cheapy-cheapy sushi place on Picadilly (on the opposite side to the Royal Academy[of art]) which does decent-sized boxes for like a fiver. Nice too. And lots of pickled ginger with. Can’t remember the name but it’s 2 syllables and begins with I.

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