Ripplin’ away

I went to the yarn shop to get one ball of Baby Cashmerino (pictured) and came out with six balls of Merino DK and two fat quarters. And no Baby Cashmerino. But I got it in the end, only to discover I didn’t actually need it. Pffft.

Got the Belgian flag in there, must be my subconscious.

But I’ve added a few more rows to it – by the time I get round to uploading the pictures and blogging about it, it’s ollllld news haha.

On a completely diferent note, Life On Mars finished last night – he stayed! Bless! But did he really die..? It was a really good show though, a nice change from most of the drivel on these days. And they didn’t overdo it – most TV shows that go down well are signed up for another 637 series’, which spoils it. Aaaanyway. STAY TUNED ’cause I’m planning a little competiton over the next week or so, just because I feel like it.


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