Pattern? Pah!

Simple beanie hat

Knit with Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora DK. Lovely yarn to knit with, and it gives a lovely even stitch definition. This was a pleasure to knit, as it only took a few hours (when I should have been writing essays) but the bit I’m most pleased with, the thing I’m bloody chuffed about…

I didn’t use a pattern

Yes, simple things please simple minds but I made up the pattern as I knit, and it worked.

The decreases! Oh, how orderly and pretty!

Errrrrm yeah. So that was a sort of trial, because I’m planning on properly opening my Etsy store soon. My main issue is that I’ve only ever followed someone else’s tutorial, or used a pattern, and I wouldn’t use these to sell on Etsy. So I’m really trying to come up with my own ideas and patterns, which I find really hard. But it’s making me think about yarn in a more productive way – Do I have enough for a hat? What stitch pattern would that look best knitted in? Do these colours compliment each other? – which I’ve never really done before. And I’m also thinking about adornments – beading, crochet flowers, intarsia etc.

So I’m feeling quitely optimistic about my creative mojo at the moment.

Crochet blankets seem to be all the rage. And I can totally understand why. I’d love to make the ripple blanket, but choosing a colour palette would be a nightmare. And I’d like to use yarn like Debbie Bliss and Jaeger. I say this because the fabric shop across the road from college was selling heaps of Debbie Bliss ridiculously cheaply. I should have grabbed as much as I could carry there and then, but stupidly I didn’t and I don’t think they have any left now. Grrr.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for colour combinations (I’m thinking either deep rich colours or very light neutral colours. How helpful) I’d be very grateful! Oh, and the only other thing that might make this blanket tricky is that I can’t crochet.



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3 thoughts on “Pattern? Pah!

  1. Ya know, I distinctly remember you saying something along the lines of,

    “Why on EARTH would you spend ALL THAT MONEY on posh yarn for a BLANKET?!?!?!”

    Oh wait, maybe it was a rug. It was back in October so I can’t really remember.

    Your hat looks really great! Are you looking for colour combinations for hats or blankets?

  2. I’m afraid I may well have said that! :p Colour combinations for blankets would be ever so helpful – I painted my room white because there are just too many colours to choose from! Just me being ever so indecisive as always! x

  3. I was looking at that blog yesterday and drooling over the blanket. I am awful at crochet though, the stitches go all wavy and I always forget where to do the decreases.

    Nice hat… but your hair is brown?! It looks good, but I don’t know if I have seen it a natural color yet.

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