(Mark II)

I seem to have accumulated bits and pieces to blog about, so this is an update/catch up/odd and ends sorting-type post.

My room is almost finished – just waiting for the wardrobe materials to arrive and a trip to Ikea, ja.

Mmmmm, paper crafts

So Mum and I went to get a dimmer switch and came back with these. The paper stack is fabulous – 72 6″x6″ sheets of paper, with pattern themes. So good I went and bought another.

Paper. I suddenly seem to have a thing for paper.

Card, gift tag and envelope

Thanks to this tutorial on Craftster, I made an envelope using tissue paper and cling film. Odd combination but it really does work!

Just a little something for my college diary


PS – I’ve re-posted this because WordPress was being petulant and it was bugging me no end.

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