Mmmm, WIPS…

Oh yes.

Sirdar pattern, yarn and needles all begging to be knit up

So of course I just HAD to cast on and get started…

This was the progress after two evenings, when I should have been writing History essays

And one more picture, just because I can.

The camera made me do it.

First sweater, first proper “big” project! *knees buckle* And now another WIP…

Fetching from Knitty on the needles. Phwoaar

And a close up of the cables, again, just because I can.

First cable project! Woop! Admittedly they are only wee baby cables but so far I’ve not had a problem (Ha, watch me jinx it) and dare I say it, they’re fun to knit?!

It’s surprising how much gets done when college work is being ignored, eh? We officially started working on our Extended Essay on Thursday. Some people already have their topic and supervisor (they get snapped up quickly) and have started research. I only have a vague idea of what I might do. I’m considering the relation between craft and emotion, or mental illness. I’m not sure, but it might be a good one to research because I remember hearing quite a bit about occupational therapy and rehabillitation involving craft and whatnot. Anyway, I’m thinking aloud now.


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3 thoughts on “Mmmm, WIPS…

  1. Ooooooh those yarns look divinely yummy! And the colours are GORGEOUS…the jumper looks awesome as do your cables, eep, just blows my mind that you can make yarn do things like that =P

    Can’t wait to see your FO’s…don’t you love procrastination crafting? =P xox

  2. Ooh! I really like the colors you picked. Especially for Fetching. I’ve always been vaguely attracted by that pattern, but just end up forgetting about it =P lol.

  3. I once messaged somebody on who was dyspraxic, and crocheted. She said that she found knitting too difficult to cope with and crochet helped her a lot. Hope that might help with your essay. You’d have to do an awful lot of research on mental illnesses and The Brain, tho. I don’t envy you.

    I like your jumper WIP! And the gloves, very nice.

    Re: meeting up, I had completely forgotten about half term! Let’s meet then. Wait, I’ll e-mail you……..


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