I should have…

… Simply numbered my posts, therefore negating the need to think up post titles.

First sewing since September!

These coasters are fairly quick and easy to put together (bearing in mind I’m not at all confident with sewing) and you may remember Mum made some before Christmas which are ever so handy. So with lots of encouragement frorm her I gave it a go.

The fabrics I used

I have about 25 fat quarters, which is most of my fabric stash (a pitiful amount, I know. Yes, Meshell! I mean you! :-P) I hate using them because I don’t want to waste them when I go wrong! Which is silly, isn’t it? Anyway, the colour scheme for my new room (I will stop going on about it… Eventually) is red, white and black. Simply because I don’t have an eye for colours, and if it works for The White Stripes, it works for me.

This fabric is brilliant! Makes my eyes go funny!

Anyway, my goal is to make a black and white bed quilt. Bearing in mind I’ve never quilted before, I don’t do these things by halves. We’ve also got some neglected wooden clothes hangers that I’ve got my eye on – I’m toying with the idea of padding them and covering them with fabric, but I can’t quite figure out how to do it… Any ideas?

And more photos…

Fetching .2

This time it’s SO not going wrong. Nope. This is the progress I made while at the airport yesterday, waiting for my sister’s flight to Australia to be called. I’ve been saying this for weeks now, but I’m so proud of her for going. She stopped over in Bangkok this morning, and she’ll be over there for 5 months! I’m so excited for her – she’s going to Summer Bay (where they film Home And Away) next week!

Anyway, yes!

I leave you for now, with this


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10 thoughts on “I should have…

  1. Oooooh, SO, so lovely, divine! Fabulous job! =) Love your fabrics and your colour scheme (oi! Be glad you don’t have as much fabric as me…I bet you have a lot more money in your bank account than I do! =P). Did I send you that b/w optical type one? Because i think I remember being in the shop and the lady folded it out to cut and we were both like “Whoa. HEADACHE inducing!” =P

    Can’t WAIT to see your quilt *thrill*

  2. That black and white is so cool! It makes my eyes feel funny.
    I very much need to decorate my room. I have been planning on doing it for so long, but I am very busy right now. Hopefully over the summer.

  3. Oh Wow! My mum made me some trousers in that optical print material when I was at 6th form/uni. I’ve forgotten how much I loved it.
    I wonder if there’s any scraps left, or if the trousers are in the scrap bin…

  4. Cute coasters 🙂 I like the fabric combos, espesh the red dottyness. How did you make them so that the raw edge doesn’t show? (Slip stitching?)

    I think you should make patchwork curtains!

  5. Meshell – you did indeed send me that fabric! I hate using my lovely fabric stash!

    Nush – You SO need to get yourself to Allsorts! These coasters are so hard to explain – you sort of stack the fabric up, sew it and turn it inside out – no slip-stitching at all!

  6. I don’t have any recipes up right now, but here are a few links to some lovely vegan food blogs with great recipes. I dont have any for just vegetarian, but maybe these will help =)

    Just some ideas in case you wanted recipes! I especially love veganyumyum- her photos always make my stomach rumble =D

  7. Dang! It delted the comment! I was linking some food blogs, I’ll just e-mail them to you. I think the computerreads it as spam =/

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