… It’s my middle name.

Smurf by name, Smurf by hair colour

Black kitty hat is almost finished, just needs pompoms. Started the purple and yellow kitty hat, at the decreases now (These hats knit up so quickly, and to think I was putting off knitting them!). The crochet hat went to the frogging pond – I decreased way too soon (just to practise decreases really) and the tension was all off. But it’ll get redone, soon. I suddenly have a thing for hats o_0

I’ve come up with a few ideas for Christmas presents – I bought my first one yesterday! And it’s only November! Good grief, starting early this year.

The sad thing is I’m really not joking.

Maybe I have a weird sense of humour but I find some of these terribly funny


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One thought on “Procrastination…

  1. The kitty hats are a really quick easy knit, which is good for me… I have the shortest attention span of any other teenager I know =P
    lol. Those cat things are kind of hilarious =D

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