Knitting and Stitching Show 2006

It was brilliant!


                                     Click this image to see the whole photo set.

I loved it!  My mum and I met Rachel John, who is an extreme knitter – she was knitting a rug with 60 strands! There was a second set of needles and pile of yarns, and people could sit down and knit a row. I was too chicken to though… The needles were massive! We also saw a woman wearing a t-shirt which said “Dontcha wish your girlfriend could knit like me?” I want one :p The knitted Ferrari was quite impressive, as was the knitted sofa! There was so much to look at but with some organisation we managed to see it all. On one of the stalls (where I bought the green sock yarn pictured in my Flickr set) was a woman with purple hair. We got chatting about the best hair dyes (!) and then I suddenly noticed her earrings. They were minature knitted socks! She said the right one was a toe-up with a short-row heel and the left was a top-down with an afterthought heel! I was stunned, because they were tiny – she joked that it was the result of incorrect gauge! I took a picture of the jars of buttons because I thought they looked like sweeties, and Meshell mentioned that she couldn’t decide how to display her buttons :p

I spun my first yarn last night, and it’s strange – I’m so used to yarns being perfectly even and so I’m not terribly fond of its slubby-ness. I’m not sure if I’m using the spindle right…


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6 thoughts on “Knitting and Stitching Show 2006

  1. Oh wow, A knitted Car and sofa! That is truely amazing! You got to see some really cool stuff! When I get a chance I have to update your new blog address link. It’s very nice.

  2. Hmm, fourth comment in a row……

    I’m looking forward to meeting you! You must bring some knitting needles and stuff. (And Yarn Forward too 🙂 )In fact, why don’t you just camp out with me behind the table?

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