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Messed up my Blogger blog. Ooops.

I start college tomorrow – studying the International Baccalaureate. I don’t anticipate being online nearly as much as I have been the last couple of years. I really do spend obscene amount of time online.

Not much has been happening on the craft front. I’m currently knitting a scarf in rather itchy new wool, in the Jaywalkers chevron pattern. About half way there now. I’m also waiting for my Elsebeth Lavold yarn to arrive so I can get started on Branching Out. I do so dearly wish that I could knit lace on public transport, but I’d no doubt drop a stitch and end up offending the other passengers with my rather fruitful language. With an hour bus journey each way to college every day, I have a lot of potential knitting time. My mum picked out Tempting II for me, which I think looks like a fairly good project – not too hard for a garmentn00b like myself. Plus it’s something I might actually wear.

I’ve also picked out Liquorice Whip, Cosy, Ziggy, and Tubey as possible future projects.

Alas, I completed a Knuck, but I didn’t use the right yarn or needles so it started to cut off the blood circulation when I wore it. Needless to say it turned into another TOAD (Trashed Object Abandoned In Disgust). But thanks to LickMySticks, who posted an invaluable helper on her blog, I think I’ll try again, following the pattern properly this time.

The sewing machine went to the shop two weeks ago, and I finally heard back at the weekend that it would cost more to fix it than to buy a new one. Which was absolute tosh, it turns out they “don’t do Toyotas”. Well, really. So now I have to get on to them about it and try and have an engineer sent out to see what the problem is. Hrmph.

Thank you for all the kind comments (And the spam too, I appreciate that /sarcasm) on my last post – the college is letting me do Higher biology because it’s obvious that I’m able to do it, so that’s not a worry now. I’m strangely excited about it – nervous too but still kind of excited, Which is weird. I’ve made myself a snazzy packed lunch and everything.


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6 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. Yaaaay! You’ve moved too! =) *knows ALL about stuffing up blogger* lol.
    Your new home looks absolutely gorgeous, happy studying, BLEH. =P Speaking of study… *leaves* =)

  2. Blogger always bothered me when I had it… it was always messing up -_-
    I always liked this layout… I had it for a while, but got a little bored. Anyway, have fun studying. That is what I should be doing as well.

  3. I’m determined to stick to Blogger. Mostly because I like to be able to play about with the template myself and not stick to predesigns.

    Thank you for your advice and the offer of your ears. I’m so unorganised it’s a joke. Timetables are just lost on me :S

  4. aw IB!!! i totally understand what you’re going through…i took the program for my last two years of high school and now i’m at university (colgate in upstate ny, usa). ib is pretty intense, but it’s a great experience and is amazing to prepare you for university if you intend to go, and to prepare you for multi-disciplinary thinking in other situations if you don’t intend to go. best of luck!


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