Nope, not Jaywalkers…


Obligatory silly photo

Jaywalkers-pattern scarf! Made with three skeins of 100% new wool (mmmm, itchy) that was found in a charity shop for £1.29. Score! After ripping it out and starting again seven or eight times I finally got it going. I’ve been taking it to college and knitting on the bus and during free periods.

As part of the IB, students have to complete 150 hours of CAS – Creativity, Action and Service. A girl in my Theory of Knowledge class asked me to teach her how to knit, which would count towards her creativity and my service. So we spent an hour one morning last week sitting in a quiet corridor with some chunky needles and DK yarn. And she’s a fast learner! We covered casting on, knitting and purling! And I was so chuffed when she said I was a good teacher! There’s several others in my year who can knit, and they’ve also been asked to teach, which I think is fab. Most people seem to think it’s pretty cool nowadays, which is definitely a good thing.

My Elsebeth Lavold yarn arrived last week. Oh em gee. It feels SO soft and is lovely to knit with. I got it in 028 – bright turquiose. I seem to have a thing for really vivid shades of blue at the moment. I cast on for Branching Out and finished the third repeat when I realised I’d messed up the pattern. I had to put it down before it went out the window. Who said knitting was relaxing?! Hopefully the yarn will frog OK – I really don’t want to waste an inch of it!





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4 thoughts on “Guess…

  1. It’s only relaxing when it goes right O_o
    love the hair color! I wish I could dye my hair, but my dad says no -_- And loverly scarf! I really like light turqoise these days.

  2. I lurve, lurve, LURVE scarves but have never made a proper (long) one because it gets so boring. So I’ll just look at yours instead.

    How many colours has your hair gone though?


  3. Cute scarf and cute you!

    PS- I get daily updates in my email because I’m just THAT big of a geek. It’s better than antidepressants and almost better than chocolate on a bad day.

  4. That would be awesome 🙂 If you still want to do a swap, you can e-mail me at squarepegetsy[at] Lame, I know… but whatever 😀

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